Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Angel of cross stitch 7 day up date

Here as Promised is day 7 with Angel of cross stitch and if I do say so myself she looks great, and I love her, normally i would stitch all over the place but for some reason I am working the whole of the top before i go onto the 2nd page and she is coming along nice,

In between the stitching I was dropping kids off wahing making beds and making luch and collecting the kids and taken Georgia to belly dancing,


Stress how much can one person take, Lol I didnt notice until I went for a hot shower and got out put my shorts and t-shirt on, (i am hot today) sitting with my cup of tea waiting for the washing machine to stop to hang out washing and noticed, I have only shaved one leg, HOW THE HECK....

so I will have to go and sort myself out and then I am going to stitch, after putting out the washing,

happy wednesday :)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Angel of Cross stitch

Here Is a picture of my WIP of Angel of Cross Stitch after 1 week,

I am so happy with the way she is coming along,

I havent stitched since april and just picked her kit up and got on with it, and before I noticed I was getting along with the house work and then stitching till all hours,
There is only one problem with her the yellows and golds are so close in colour I have had to stop till I can get into my stash and find my DMC shopper gide to match the threads up so there is no mistake on the colours I am using on her, will update in a couple days :)