Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Angel of cross stitch 7 day up date

Here as Promised is day 7 with Angel of cross stitch and if I do say so myself she looks great, and I love her, normally i would stitch all over the place but for some reason I am working the whole of the top before i go onto the 2nd page and she is coming along nice,

In between the stitching I was dropping kids off wahing making beds and making luch and collecting the kids and taken Georgia to belly dancing,


Stress how much can one person take, Lol I didnt notice until I went for a hot shower and got out put my shorts and t-shirt on, (i am hot today) sitting with my cup of tea waiting for the washing machine to stop to hang out washing and noticed, I have only shaved one leg, HOW THE HECK....

so I will have to go and sort myself out and then I am going to stitch, after putting out the washing,

happy wednesday :)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Angel of Cross stitch

Here Is a picture of my WIP of Angel of Cross Stitch after 1 week,

I am so happy with the way she is coming along,

I havent stitched since april and just picked her kit up and got on with it, and before I noticed I was getting along with the house work and then stitching till all hours,
There is only one problem with her the yellows and golds are so close in colour I have had to stop till I can get into my stash and find my DMC shopper gide to match the threads up so there is no mistake on the colours I am using on her, will update in a couple days :)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Its Tuesday. Not been blogging much as I am never sure what to say or How to say it, But this is a new day for me and I am going to try blog at least once a week, lol even if it is just Hello....
Last night was the same quite monday night watched the soaps and stitched, bathed the kids and then stitched, This morning I have been awake since 5 am with sore stomach and head ache that could kill a baby elephant, :( but they are regular and I am use to them, I get a headache and they can last up to 10 days sometimes more,
The Kids are back to school today after having a really nice long weekend off, they were out playing with friends and had sleepovers, Jack was 6 on friday so we also had his party, My friend took ill so I had her son/my godson and he is 5 months old, never sure about having babies in the house over night as I refuse to go to my bed incase I dont hear them or something happens, soon friday night I stitched through the night and got a popcorn design finished and framed for my hall way,
Saturday was the usual, Gary pottered about outside I got some house work done but not loads as I was tired and then worked a few hours in the afternoon on my winnie the pooh cushion, and all day sunday stitched on 3 different thing, monday got up had bath, got fresh pjs on and did nothing all day :D well I stitched but no house work or even wash put on :( tut tut but hey ho I am always doing it.
Hope you have nice Tuesday x

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ufo finish after 3 years

this is my popcorn kit I bought a few years ago and started then got bored :( so it was put away in the drawer, on friday at my sons 6th birthday my friend took quite ill and was whisked away to the hospital, and I kept her son, my god son, he is 5 months old and just a star, but I have never had him before over night and didnt know what kind of sleeper he was,
put him to bed at 7,30 pm and sat up all night incase I didnt hear him and to make sure he was ok and didnt stop breathing, he woke at 9,50am, so I went and dug out a ufo and popcorn was the first to hand, got it finished just after lunch on saturday and washed and framed by saturday night, well chuffed.....

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


some of my Kits I have found and need to get finished so this is my blog about them and fingers crossed I will get stitching on them in a rotation and work through them over next few months
But until then I am not starting anything new and in between I will still do my exchanges,

Saturday, 18 April 2009

winnie the pooh kits for sale

winnie the pooh for sale 4 x retired full kits never opened and official disney stamp on back of aida

Trick or Treat

This is my Trick or Treat stitched over 2 days for my mum as she has a halloween party every year for the kids in her street and her grandkids and their friends,
on her green cape i used glow in the dark beads and thread.
My First blog,
I am just playing about at the moment need to find my feet and how to work this so bare with me :0